A 2-D look at the staggering array of AEA workshops – early bird registration closes today!

Today’s the very last day to save a few dollars on your registration for the American Evaluation Association conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Get in now for the early bird rates!

But even more importantly, those professional development workshops sell like hotcakes and will be filling fast, so if you don’t grab a seat now you may miss out. One has even sold out already!

The list is pretty mid-boggling, so I’ve had a shot at sorting it by level and theme … but tell us,

What have been YOUR best ever AEA workshops? Let us know by adding a comment on the post page!
Theme Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Qualitative research methods applied to evaluation 1. Qualitative Methods10. Focus Group Research 15. Using Stories29. Focus Group Interviewing

32. Qualitative Research Strategies

Quantitative research methods applied to evaluation 2. Quantitative Methods9. Propensity Score Matching 16. Experimental Research Design23. Data Dashboard – FULL

26. Longitudinal Data Analysis

28. Data Cleaning

37. Applications of Multiple Regression

24. Using Effect Size
Mixed methods & values-driven approaches 3. Actionable Answers  42. Case Study Methods 30. RealWorld Impact Evaluation33. Advanced Evaluation Methods
Program theory & modeling-related approaches 4. Logic Models

27. Multilevel Models

 21. Logic Models Beyond34. Theory-Driven Evaluation

39. Metaphor to Model

43. Program Design

Approaches for complexity 6. Developmental Evaluation 12. Advanced Systems Thinking
Equity, justice, diversity, & culture 38. Acknowledging the “Self” 14. Equity-Focused Evaluation31. Reality Counts: Participatory Methods 35. Transformative Mixed Methods
Evaluation planning, implementing, & reporting 11. Evaluation 101 45. Performance Measurement Systems
High-Engagement Approaches 20. Empowerment Evaluation25. Utilization-Focused Evaluation 5. Interactive Practice44. Engaging Laypeople
Interpersonal & consulting skills 17. Introductory Consulting Skills 40. Intermediate Consulting Skills
Writing evaluation-related proposals 13. Grant Writing Skills19. Evaluation Dissertation

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