About this blog

Welcome to Genuine Evaluation, the blog where Patricia and Jane share their ideas about real, genuine, authentic, practical evaluation – what it looks like, good examples, bad examples, lessons learned, tips, useful practices and methodologies.

What can you expect from a blog led by Patricia and Jane?

  • The best and the worst of evaluation – current examples and ‘blasts from the past’
  • A critical review of all types of evaluation – even, and in fact especially, approaches we use and advocate (like the use of program theory, the logic of evaluation, and utilization-focused evaluation)
  • Links to useful resources
  • The occasional joke
  • Genuine questioning about how evaluators, evaluation commissioners and evaluation users can create the conditions for genuine evaluation
  • Occasional celebrity bloggers leading a discussion on a particular issue

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We welcome your participation, comments, suggestions, criticisms and questions.

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