Another low cost online course from Michael Scriven – this weekend!

Claremont Graduate University is offering another online short course taught by Michael Scriven.  This is an exceptional opportunity for anyone in the world with good internet access to take part in a course with one of the leaders in evaluation theory.

Meta-Evaluation: A Checklist Approach

Dr. Michael Scriven

March 13-14, 2010. 10:00 am – 11:30 am (Pacific) each day. That’s this weekend!
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This seminar will be of general interest to evaluators interested in improving their work, and of special interest to those who have no intention of becoming professional evaluators, but realize they will probably have to use OR hire OR read and evaluate the work of professional evaluators. It will be taught so as to be accessible to both groups, as well as to evaluation students.

Evaluators should have their own work meta-evaluated because doing so is crucial in showing that evaluators believe what they tell clients: that (particularly external) evaluation leads to improvement and accountability. A number of arguments for and against the use of, and particular approaches to meta-evaluation will be discussed, including the Meta-evaluation Checklist (MEC) which requires the determination of validity, credibility, utility, robustness, cost-effectiveness, and ethicality.

This course will be taught in a live “virtual classroom” setting for 2 days, 1.5 hours per session. The courses are open to participants from anywhere on the globe. Students will interact with each other and Dr. Scriven through the aid of electronic video and voice contact, electronic whiteboard, and asynchronous access to the recordings of each class.

Technology Requirements: High-speed internet connection. Speakers necessary. Computer microphone a plus.

We are pleased to offer this exclusive online workshop at a very competitive price:

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2 comments to Another low cost online course from Michael Scriven – this weekend!

  • Mr Warren Anderson

    I linked to this website today 29 March 2010. I am doing an evaluation of the Australian Constitution in a Masters Course at the University of Canberra ACT Australia.
    First, is there an academic article that can be linked to or emailed that is by Professor Scriven or another evaluator on ‘how to’ issues specific to law or is it outside the domain? The Constitution is an important document to evaluate and to recommend changes. Are other specific resources?

    Second, Is it possible to buy teh materials providd in the course presented on March 13 -14 2010?

    The work is due 7 April 2010

  • Jane Davidson

    Hi Warren,

    Interesting assignment! When you say you have to evaluate the constitution, is your evaluation guided by any specific questions? Do you have specific audiences or purposes in mind? Or any specific principles, values, or criteria that would be important to apply? No doubt you have all of these in mind, so a good starting point is to write these down to sharpen the focus, then figure out the ‘how to’ from there.

    I can’t think of a how-to evaluation article that pertains specifically to the law or evaluating constitutions (perhaps one of our other readers knows of one?), but of course evaluation is a discipline that cuts across a lot of areas, so you may find some generic evaluation material somewhat useful? Here’s probably the most generic of the ‘how to’ presentations I have on my own site (PDF):

    The Evaluator’s Methodological Toolkit: Practical additions from evaluation-specific methodology Keynote presentation at the Arizona Evaluation Network conference, April 2003

    There are more presentations up on

    If you can get hold of a copy of Michael Scriven’s Evaluation Thesaurus (4th ed.), that contains a lot of very very interesting stuff pertaining to all sorts of subject areas.