Evaluation revisited – conference this week on complexity and evaluation

It’s just a few hours before the start of the conference ‘Evaluation revisited – Improving the quality of evaluation practice by embracing complexity’ in Utrecht. I’m looking forward to meeting other people working on these ideas, and exploring ideas such as:

  • Is it useful to distinguish between what is complicated and what is complex?
  • If so, what are the implications of complicated and complex aspects of situations or interventions for evaluation?
  • What methods acknowledge and help us to understand complexity and are also helpful in supporting decisions and action?
  • What are the risks in using evaluation methods that don’t acknowledge complexity?
  • How can we achieve an appropriate level of simplicity in our evaluations?

A feature of the conference is its focus on 9 case studies of real evaluations and evaluation systems and a Methods and More Marketplace showcasing some practical approaches.

The conference website (http://evaluationrevisited.wordpress.com) has details of the cases and methods and more marketplace, plus the program and links to resources on complexity and evaluation and will be uploading videos of presentations. Please join in the discussion with us.

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