Free webinar on Evaluation and Policies

Is policy evaluation fundamentally different to program evaluation? How can lessons learned from program evaluation (such as the value of stakeholder involvement) be applied to the evaluation of policies?

The next webinar in the series of monthly live webinars on “Developing national capacities for country M&E systems”, organized by MyMandE” will focus on ‘Evaluation and Policies’. The webinar will be on Thursday, September 16th, 2010, from 9h15 (9h30 start) to 10h30AM New York Time. You can check the local time in your own town at

Caroline Heider, Director, Office of Evaluation, World Food Programme, and Vice-Chair, UN Evaluation Group, will speak on “Evaluating policies and their results”.

Craig Russon, Senior Evaluation Officer, ILO, will speak on “The role of policy analysis in over-coming the implementation challenge”

Abigail Taylor, Knowledge Management Specialist, UNICEF Evaluation Office will moderate questions and answers.

Further details are available at Pre-registration is not required.

3 comments to Free webinar on Evaluation and Policies

  • Hi Jane and Patricia

    As Jane knows I don’t have a background in Evaluation (mines Ecology) but I am finding myself becoming more involved in the development of undeveloped nations. Thanks to Jane for advising me to use this site and I am really looking forward to to the upcoming webinair Developing national capacities for country M&E systems.

    I am finding this site really useful.



  • Jane Davidson

    Cheers, Russ! The reality is that the vast majority of people working in evaluation came to it (often accidentally) from many other disciplines. But that’s part of what makes the conversation so rich and interesting because we get such a range of different ways of thinking about the issues. We look forward to hearing more from an ecological perspective, and based on your experiences working with developing countries in the South Pacific.

  • Salaam

    Russell Taylor wrote:

    “I am finding myself becoming more involved in the development of undeveloped nations.”

    I think, us as thinkers firstly must develop ourselves and secondly think about help to others for development matters!