Friday Funny – 10 ways of knowing you’ve been an evaluator too long

Pic from The smatter

How many of these hit home?

You know you’ve been an evaluator too long when:

  • refer  to the first month of a new relationship as a “diagnostic period”
  • 2. you talk to the waiter about process flow when dinner arrives late
  • 3. you celebrate anniversaries by conducting a performance review
  • 4. you use the word “paradigm” in a sentence
  • 5. you use the word “granularity” in a sentence
  • 6. you can spell “paradigm”
  • 7. you actually know what a paradigm is
  • 8. you write executive summaries on your love letters
  • 9. you insist that you do some a cost-benefit analysis before you and your spouse produce another child
  • give constructive feedback to your dog

(Adapted from Karsten Weitzenegger‘s jokes on his siteInternational Development Cooperation | Consultants without Borders)


6 comments to Friday Funny – 10 ways of knowing you’ve been an evaluator too long

  • You always make me laugh! We did a cost benefit analysis before having another child. Truly. I can’t imagine not! It would seem irresponsible.

  • Kathy Bolland

    How about wearing a t-shirt with “paradigm” on it? Guilty!

  • Pamela Kelley

    Very funny! I still laugh out loud whenever I see “The Great Pair O’Dimes Debate” cartoon in Patton’s Utilization-Focused Evaluation book–and I’ve had the book for 20 years!

  • Have that definition (from picture) of consulting on a coffee mug – one I try not to have out when I meet with potential clients!

  • Carolyn Sullins

    I always give my dog constructive feedback, in linguistically appropriate terms: “Down. Stay. Good dog.” The only time it was a problem was when I was on a national conference call, thought my phone was on mute, and all the other evaluators heard “Down, Rusty. DOWN.”

  • Heather Nunns

    Here in NZ another season of “Project Runway” has just finished. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a fashion version of Master Chef for aspiring designers (OK, I’ve revealed the ‘real’ me – if I had been gifted with a different skill set I would have loved to be doing something with fabric).

    The show has been going for a couple of months. There were four designers in last night’s final. In true TV fashion, the judges commented on all the designers’ work without giving a hint about who they would choose…. then an ad break …. then the winner was announced – a woman from Trinidad Tabago.

    Since then my mind has been side tracked … why did they choose her and not one of the other great designers? What criteria were they using? (she couldn’t sew when she started the competition) … and so on. Hah, the joys of being an evaluator …….