The Friday Funny: ‘Don’t get genuine with me’ and other Urban Dictionary gems

A constant theme in this blog is exploring the many dimensions of what it means to do genuine evaluation.  This week we have some inspiration from the contributions to Urban Dictionary:

1.  Genuine
Someone who is real; down to earth and doesn’t pose; isn’t a fake ***

2.  Genuine
Established in December ’09, Genuine started as a max chill vibe that tested character. The Genuines are a group of people who came together to accept all lifestyles, and to spread that Genuine! vibe to others.

3.  Genuine
Meaning “genuinely a good kid”, someone who doesn’t drink or do drugs, etc.
Yo dawg, you wanna go smoke?
Nah man, I’m genuine.

4.  Genuine
V. – trying to get tough with someone else
Don’t get genuine with me!
Are you trying to get genuine with me?

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