Friday funny – reconciling insider views and hard evidence

The satirical blog “HR International” provides a wincing description of how not to include insiders in planning and evaluation processes:

… it was proposed that HRI will develop a radio spot, to go with the acclaimed “edutainment” program already implemented by one of our implementing partners.

Tengetile the displaced woman said that she knows nobody in the camps who listened to the radio – something to do with different languages and another thing about them working long hours or something. HRI research clearly shows that radio is the number 1 medium for communication in Africa, and this is just another proof that thorough research may produce counter-intuitive results.

and later:

Jabulani, the person living with HIV/AIDS has already arrived so if nothing else, at least we are sure to have “ownership” over whatever we decide as of tomorrow.

The post reminds us how easy it it to overclaim about the quality of the processes we have been engaged in, often crunched between deadlines and people’s availability.  And that one of the central features of Genuine Evaluation is humility – acknowledging its limitations.

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