Genuine evaluation-related workshops and presentations over the next few months

One of the great sources of energy and ideas for both of us is the opportunity to give workshops and presentations on topics related to genuine evaluation. It’s great to be able to spend time with so many people who care passionately about doing evaluation that really makes a difference, and want to explore ways of doing it better. It makes us really think hard about the critical importance of timely, credible and relevant information to support complex interventions.

Patricia just finished running two courses for The Evaluators Institute in Washington DC on using program theory and logic models for evaluation, and analyzing qualitative data analysis, and a series of workshops on purposeful program theory for the Australasian Evaluation Society, and workshops with ARTD Consultants (Sydney) and the NSW Dept of Ageing, Disability and Home Care.

Upcoming events:

Tuesday 31 August Jane will lead a workshop on “Actionable answers for real-world decision makers: Real evaluation nuts and bolts that deliver” at the conference of the Australasian Evaluation Society in Wellington, New Zealand (workshop is full).

Tuesday 31 August Patricia will present on ““Between theory and practice: formulating a research project on evaluation” and contributing to a round table on “Epistemological foundations of evaluation methodologies” at the International Summer School on Public Policy Evaluation Research, in Lille, France.

Friday September 3 Jane is also giving a keynote for the Australasian Evaluation Society conference (in Wellington, New Zealand) entitled Extreme Genuine Evaluation Makeovers (XGEMs).

Thursday 7- Friday 8 October Patricia, together with Dr George Argyrous and Associate Professor Jo Baulderstone, will present a two-day workshop on “Evaluation for Public Sector Managers” for the Australian and New Zealand School of Government in Sydney, Australia.

Wednesday 10 November Jane will lead a full-day workshop on “Getting Actionable Answers for Real-World Decision Makers: Evaluation Nuts and Bolts that Deliver” at the conference of the American Evaluation Association, in San Antonio, USA.

Sunday 14 November Patricia will lead a half-day workshop on “Purposeful Program Theory” at the conference of the American Evaluation Association, in San Antonio, USA.

We both look forward to engaging face to face with the people who have followed and/or joined the discussions here on the Genuine Evaluation blog!

2 comments to Genuine evaluation-related workshops and presentations over the next few months

  • Congratulations forelady’s evaluators!

    Today when every one look on evaluation field with certainly admires womenfolk! Why? Because they simultaneously must be: mothers, wife & professional worker!

    Female perseverance and other plenitude cause to her magnitude in evaluation ground. Only for example among theme I see: Heather B. Weiss Founder & Director of Harvard Family Research Project that I see her same a big mountain! Leslie Cooksy President of AEA, Debra J Rog Immediate Past President of AEA & Jennifer Greene AEA President Elect!

    Certainly my specific respect fit to tow genuine evaluation leader: Patricia Rogers & Jane Davidson!

    Bravo forelady evaluators! In our globe!



  • Jane Davidson

    Many thanks for the kind words, Moein!

    It’s funny you should mention the family responsibilities because I almost added this to the above post (and perhaps I’ll just add it here!):

    You’ll notice that Patricia manages to workshop all over the planet while Jane’s travels are much less extensive these days. This is because Patricia was clever enough to have children earlier in her career whereas Jane was a bit late off the mark! Patricia’s youngest is 18 whereas my youngest are 2 1/2 year old twins. I am sure mums of toddlers (and especially mums of multiples) fully understand the implications!!

    Thanks again for your encouragement, Moein!