Many thanks to guest blogger Tererai Trent!

Tererai meeting with former US president Bill Clinton

Tererai meeting with former US president Bill Clinton

We had some great conversations here last week when Zimbabwe-born California-based evaluator Dr. Tererai Trent joined us as guest blogger to spark a week of lively discussion on the topics of evaluation and cultural context. We had such an enthusiastic and engaged response to Tererai’s contributions that we are planning to have her back again sometime soon to share some more of her unique insights.

In the meantime, those of you who enjoyed the discussion will be delighted to hear that Tererai has been inspired to start her own blog: Tinogona Evaluation. You can sign up for Tererai’s email or RSS feeds by going to the blog site. We’ll be following along!

For more information about Tererai or to get in touch with her directly, check out her website, Tinogona Consulting. Tinogona means “It is achievable” in the Shona language of Zimbabwe. And for those who haven’t seen the TV snippet of her amazing story on the Oprah website, we highly recommend it!

We also recommend checking out the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation, where Tererai earned her doctorate alongside a number of other incredibly talented evaluators making their mark in evaluation today. You may well meet some more of them guest blogging here on Genuine Evaluation in the months to come!

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  • Chamboko Priviledge

    Dear Miss Tererai trent Mafukidze

    your history always force me to chase my dreams as what you told us there kumusha kwamhande tiri na solomon. We burried a vast of plastic enveloped papers which contained a list of our wishes-dreams. Yes at xool i dd well bt i could nt proceed to university bcoz of mney. And my mother is crippled. So i’m the bread winner. May i have your contact details. I need sme advice from you

    Yours Priviledge chamboko