News – Genuine Evaluation blog moves to a new server!

Work has been hectic over the past couple of months, as you will have noticed when there’s a bit of “quiet time” between posts while we both grapple with book and project deadlines!

In the last week of September the quiet time actually turned to downtime when guest blogger Tererai Trent made us too popular, caused a flurry of new visitors, and we chewed up our bandwidth quota for the month! Our sincere apologies for not being online for those few days! Thankfully the Friday was October 1st, so we were back up in time for the Friday Funny.

This week we are moving the entire site to another server where we’ll have unlimited bandwidth and hopefully no more downtime, no matter how popular we get! Our URL remains the same, and hopefully we won’t experience any downtime in the transition.

If you come to visit and notice that we are down, check twitter @ejanedavidson or @patriciajrogers – we always tweet such news there – and send a message to those who are following us on Facebook via NetworkedBlogs.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the many people who tune in to the blog. Since we got started at the beginning of 2010, we’ve had over 8,000 unique visitors from 155 countries. We have several hundred subscribers who receive daily updates via email, the RSS feed, or Facebook. Thanks for listening and participating in the discussions!

Jane & Patricia

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