Our first celebrity guest blogger!

Genuine Evaluation is a tough standard. It’s methodologically, practically, and politically challenging at every turn. We don’t claim to achieve it in every piece of work we do, nor do we think we have a monopoly on useful ideas for getting closer to our goal.

One of the things we try to do whenever possible is to get a burst of fresh thinking from some of the planet’s most experienced and insightful evaluators. That is the intent of our ‘celebrity guest blogger’ series. For the next week or so, we are delighted to bring you one of the southern hemisphere’s top evaluators, Nan Wehipeihana.

Nan is highly respected in New Zealand as an evaluator and a leader in the profession. She brings to her work a strong focus on many of the key principles of genuine evaluation. She is a top-level evaluation advisor to several large government agencies, often working at the strategic level to influence government policy as well as helping agencies devise robust macro-level evaluation strategies that will inform both policy and practice. She is also well known internationally for her work on applying indigenous approaches, models, and perspectives to high quality evaluation work.

Nan is considered one of evaluation’s premier thought leaders in New Zealand evaluation, and is particularly skilled at applying her M?ori (indigenous) worldview to leading-edge evaluation theory, methodology and practice in a way that generates powerful insights with – in our view – global implications.

Nan Wehipeihana is the Director of Research Evaluation Consultancy Limited, established in 1997. She specializes in evaluation and research with a focus on M?ori (indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand) and evaluation in and with M?ori tribal and community groups. A key focus is in the area of policy and program evaluation, and the development of culturally driven evaluation outcome frameworks.

Nan has extensive public and private sector experience including work in the broadcasting, education, employment, housing, justice, social development, social policy, sport and recreation sectors. Nan’s tribal affiliations are to Ng?ti Porou, Te Wh?nau-?-Apanui and Ng?ti Tukorehe.

We (Patricia and Jane) will be blogging alongside Nan for the week, interacting with her and others who comment on Nan’s and our posts. Look forward to an entertaining and thought-provoking week!

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