Podcast! Michael Scriven and Jane Davidson on Evaluation-Specific Methodology

What’s fundamentally missing from most evaluation work, but absolutely makes or breaks the quality and value of what we do?

Find out from this fun and informative podcast. Michael Scriven and Jane Davidson talk about evaluation-specific methodology and why it’s so critically important. A sneak preview of their workshops in Dublin (at EES) and Denver (AEA).

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3 comments to Podcast! Michael Scriven and Jane Davidson on Evaluation-Specific Methodology

  • Gabriel Della-Piana

    Good pair to do this. Jane is a great interpreter among other things. Scriven seems to catch what the field needs to move along. I think this theme is “right on the mark”. So, if I value students being aware of their “alternative possible futures” and don’t provide scaffolding or affordances for them to see them beyond a course or project specific achievement test I am leaving out the concern for values. Someone else may take it in another direction. At any rate thanks again Jane/Michael or Davidson/Scriven if that is too familiar a salutation.

  • Barbara Schmidt

    I had the priviledge to attend the workshop with Jane Davidson and Michael Scriven at the EES in Dublin on 30 September 2014. It was excellent, and left so much food for thought, and real insights which helped to make so much sense of the essence of evaluation – and in particular the ‘value’ piece in it. I much enjoyed the dialogues between both presenters, and interactions with participants. AND learning about rubrics introduced me to a truly ground-breaking tool that could prove to be incredibly useful in evaluation synthesis and reporting – a real paradigm shift!
    Loved it!

  • Tom Grayson

    Discussion of evaluator competencies is currently a mainstream topic. It seems to me that evaluation-specific methodology requires the evaluator to have a knowledge base of what evaluation-specific methodology is about and a particular set of related skills.

    My questions are, a. to what extent does this evaluation-specific methodology define the field of evaluation practice, and b, if so, what are the specific evaluator competencies required to conduct a valid evaluation?