Podcast! Jane Davidson & Stephanie Evergreen on EES, AEA, and overhauling Obama’s slides!

What’s coming up from Stephanie Evergreen and Jane Davidson at the European Evaluation Society conference in Dublin and the American Evaluation Association conference in Denver?

And, why do President Obama’s slides need an overhaul from the Dataviz Diva herself?

Tune into this 12-minute podcast, the final in a series of four recorded when Stephanie visited New Zealand to keynote our national evaluation conference in July 2014:

  1. The 2014 ANZEA conference – and what’s new in qualitative dataviz
  2. Awesome reporting (the stuff that gets to the point and conveys it brilliantly)
  3. Helping people totally transform their evaluation reporting
  4. Workshops & sessions at EES & AEA – and why Obama’s slides totally need an overhaul!

[Note: If you are on the email feed, you may need to go to the post on the Genuine Evaluation site to hear/access the podcast.]

For reference, the workshops mentioned in the podcast are:

For more information about the evaluation coaching mentioned in this and the previous podcast, check out http://EvaluationCoaching.com

London-Network-EventP.S. Jane is also presenting a short session on rubrics in London, England this Friday 26th September for the UK Evaluation Society (non-members welcome!).

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