Podcast! Jane talks to Stephanie Evergreen about ANZEA and qualitative dataviz

Jane+StephanieE - Copy

Stephanie Evergreen and Jane Davidson at the 2014 ANZEA conference in Wellington, New Zealand

Dataviz queen Dr. Stephanie Evergreen recently keynoted – no, ROCKED! – the 2014 ANZEA conference in Wellington, New Zealand. Jane Davidson talks to her about becoming a southern hemisphere evaluation rockstar at long last – and finds out what’s the latest on qualitative dataviz!

This short (8-minute) podcast is the first of a series of four from Jane and Stephanie:

  1. The 2014 ANZEA conference – and what’s new in qualitative dataviz
  2. Awesome reporting (the stuff that gets to the point and conveys it brilliantly)
  3. Helping people totally transform their evaluation reporting
  4. Workshops & sessions at EES & AEA – and why Obama’s slides totally need an overhaul!

Stay tuned to the Genuine Evaluation podcast channel to hear all four!

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