Strengthening Evaluation Effectiveness – seminar, Washington DC

I’m in Washington DC this week, after teaching a course on Using Program Theory and Logic Models for Evaluation at The Evaluators Institute.

Fortunately I will be able to stay on for a seminar being presented this coming Wednesday by The Evaluators’ Institute and The Washington Evaluators on

“StrengtheningEvaluation Effectiveness”

Wednesday, January 19th, 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Jack Morton Auditorium, Media and Public Affairs building, 1st floor
805 21stSt NW Washington DC 20052

I wonder if the session will consider strengthening evaluation effectiveness in terms of:

  • increasing the utility of evaluation for informing evidence-based policy and practice, especially in terms of assisting policymakers and practitioners to translate findings to new situations
  • increasing the attention paid to heterogeneous outcomes (rather than simply the mean net effect), and in particular to who benefits and who loses from programs and policies with heterogeneous outcomes
  • increasing the attention paid to unintended outcomes (positive and negative) and to the costs incurred beyond the formal resources expended for implementation, and including the resources contributed by other stakeholders, including other organizations and clients
  • improving the use of credible non-experimental approaches such as process tracing in situations where experimental or quasi-experimental designs are not appropriate or feasible
  • increasing the ability of managers to commission and manage external evaluators to ensure high quality work is done
  • increasing the ability of managers and service deliverers to evaluate their own programs and to make use of the evaluations of other programs

Stay tuned for a report after the session – or see you there.
Speakers include:
Gary T. Henry, Duncan MacRae’09 and Rebecca Kyle MacRaeProfessorship Public Policy
Department of Public Policy, Director, Carolina Institute for Public Policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Harry P. Hatry, Distinguished Fellow and Director of the Public Management Program, UrbanInstitute, Washington, DC
Kathryn E. Newcomer, Director, The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, George Washington University
Theodore H. Poister, Professor of Public Management and Policy, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University

Moderator – Ann M. Doucette, Director, The Evaluators’ Institute and Midge Smith Center for Evaluation Effectiveness

Reception to follow.Please RSVP (reception) to

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