Summer Evaluation Institute coming soon

It’s nearly time for the annual Summer Evaluation Institute of CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and AEA (American Evaluation Association), to be held in Atlanta, USA June 12-15. I’ll be escaping the chills of a Melbourne winter and enjoying some sunshine and hot topics in evaluation, including exploring ways of matching impact evaluation designs to the particular features of evaluations and evaluands (the thing being evaluated).

The Institute has a combination of keynote speakers and breakout sessions.  This year there are two great keynotes:

Monday, June 13, Keynote 1: 10 Steps to Data Vizardry – Making People Fall in Love with your Data

People think visually. However, most of the tools that evaluators, data analysts, and statisticians use actually confuse our natural visual interpretation skills. Today, we will share practical guidance that makes data presentation more effective, engaging, and valuable. Some of the topics we’ll be discussing include research-based information about improving layout and workflow, information visualization, chart selection, and styling. We’ll show real-life examples to demonstrate how applying these best practices enable charting laymen and experts alike to work like visualization ninjas.

Zach Gemignani is co-founder and CEO of Juice Analytics.

Wednesday, June 15, Keynote 2: Wiggling in or Sliding by: Quality and the “Good Enough” Rule with Leslie Cooksy

Rossi and Freeman (1989) advocated using the “good enough” rule in evaluation design, choosing “the best possible design, given the potential importance of the program and considerations of practicality and feasibility” (p. 232). But Rossi later said that he feared that the good enough rule may be misused to excuse sloppy work. In this talk, Cooksy will ask how we know what “good enough” is, and suggest ways that even the just-barely-good enough evaluation can make a meaningful difference.

Lesley Cooksy is the Past-President of AEA.

And an amazing list of breakout sessions:

Conducting and Using Success Stories for Capacity Building (Lavinghouze & Price)

Strengthening Evaluation Through Cultural Relevance (Hopson & Kirkhart)

4: Focus Group Research: Understanding, Designing, and Implementing (Revels)

Enhanced Group Facilitation: Techniques and Process (Dewey)

Building Evaluation Capacity: Tips and Strategies (Taylor-Powell)

Every Picture Tells a Story (Chapel)

Project Management Fundamentals (Deane)

Improving Survey Quality(Germuth)

Theory Driven Evaluation for Assessing Planning, Implementation, Effectiveness (Chen)

Case Study Methods for Evaluators (O’Sullivan)

An Introduction to Economic Evaluation(Corso)

Evaluability Assessments: Achieving Better Evaluations (Dawkins)

Handling Data: From Logic Model to Final Report (Barrington)

Dissemination and Implementation Research (Emshoff, Noonan, & Puddy)

Systems Level Evaluation of Communities of Practice (Hegedus & Jernigan)

Transformative Mixed Methods Evaluations (Mertens & Bledsoe)

Essential Competencies for Program Evaluators (King)

Evaluating and Improving Organizational Collaboration (Woodland)

Logic Models as a Platform for Program Evaluation (Chapel)

NEW! Impact Evaluation Design (Rogers)

Ensuring Evaluation Use(Christie)

NEW! Using Theory to Improve Evaluation Practice (Donaldson)

Qualitative Interviewing: Asking the Right Questions in the Right Way (Maietta)

NEW! Developmental Evaluation(Patton)

NEW! Performance Management, Quality Improvement, and Evaluation (Davis)

Bottom-Up Approach for Assessing Viability, Effectuality, & Transferability (Chen)

Evaluating Community Engagement in Translation Health (Akintobi & Evans)

NEW! 25+ Low-cost/No-cost Tools for Evaluators (Kistler & Bolton

NEW! Developing an Evaluation Plan (Lavinghouze & Jernigan)

Using the Guiding Principles to Improve Your Evaluation Practice (Goodyear)

Facing Evaluation Challenges in the Real World: A Case-Based Approach (Smith)

Using GIS in Evaluation(Meyers)

NEW! You + Graphic Design = Great Evaluation Presentations (Evergreen)

Analyzing Qualitative Data: Using Qualitative Data Analysis Software (Maietta)

Collaborative Evaluations: A Step-by-Step Model for the Evaluator (Rodriguez)

NEW! Unraveling the Participant Observer Interaction (Hall)

NEW! : Engaging Stakeholders in Data Issues: Creating a Conversation (Davis)

NEW! Design Principles of Dashboards and Interactive Applications (Hilburn & Gemignani)




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  • Patricia, thanks for the shoutout for the AEA/CDC Evaluation Institute! I wanted to add that as of today, we have 22 registration slots remaining out of the 550 that the Institute can accommodate. We anticipate registration closing on Wednesday with no registrations taken on site in Atlanta. For readers considering attending, who have not yet registered, please do so online at so that we can reserve a spot for you. See you there!