The Friday Funny: Data as “the truth”?

In this age of “evidence-based” this and “data-based” that, it’s worth remembering that sometimes the foundations on which the evidence rests can be far flimsier than it might seem when all the data is loaded nicely into the data analysis package …

We found a couple of classics in this vein, submitted to EVALTALK in

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Who’s afraid of the Big Bad … Thought?

At the recent conference of the Australasian Evaluation Society, Tom Schwandt gave an entertaining and thought-provoking keynote in which he talked about a societal phenomenon called ‘phronemophobia’. [Tom assured us this really was an existing word in the English language and not something he made up!]

Phronemophobia is the fear of thinking, which Tom says

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The Friday Funny – administering a questionnaire

Sometimes it’s helpful to see the process of evaluation from the point of view of those providing data. Behind the satire are some interesting observations about validity, standardization, and rigor.

This week’s Friday Funny comes from the BBC Comedy Lab Rats.