Rethinking “who’s worth listening to” – and how we listen to each other – in evaluation

In the previous discussion about evaluation’s intellectual silos, Jara Dean-Coffey suggested that there were generational differences within the U.S. evaluation community with respect to the “specialist culture” that has dominated the evaluation scene to date, and wondered whether this might also be true elsewhere. Jara’s reflections reminded me of something else I have observed and puzzled over: Are there forces working against the recognition of the newer, silo-spanning generation of evaluators? Are those forces counterproductive for advancing the discipline? What’s the cultural lens on all this? And what are the lessons here for rethinking who we listen to in the evaluation community and how we listen?

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Our first celebrity guest blogger!

Genuine Evaluation is a tough standard. It’s methodologically, practically, and politically challenging at every turn. We don’t claim to achieve it in every piece of work we do, nor do we think we have a monopoly on useful ideas for getting closer to our goal. One of the things we try to do whenever possible is to get a burst of fresh thinking from some of the planet’s most experienced and insightful evaluators. That is the intent of our ‘celebrity guest blogger’ series. For the next week or so, we are delighted to bring you one of the southern hemisphere’s top evaluators …

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