The Friday Funny: A Texan take on evaluation

Image from The Library Cat

Image from The Library Cat

As we quickly pack and dash to the airports for the American Evaluation Association conference in San Antonio next week, we thought it might be appropriate to add a Texan flavor to the Friday Funny.

Here are two examples of a Texan approach to evaluation that highlight the importance of appropriate comparisons in evaluation¬† – and of carefully reviewing informants’ comments.

A Texan visits an Australian farm

A Texan rancher goes to Australia and visits a farm in the Outback.

The Aussie shows off his big wheat field and the Texan says, “Oh! We have wheat fields that are at least twice as large”.

Then they walk around the farm a little and the Aussie shows off his herd of cattle. The Texan immediately says, ” We have longhorns that are at least twice as large as your cows”.

The conversation has almost died when the Texan sees a herd of kangaroos hopping through the field. He asks, “And what are those”? The Aussie responds with an incredulous look, “Don’t you have any grasshoppers in Texas”?

A Texan visits an Irish farm

The Texan rancher then goes to Ireland and visits a farm in Kerry.

The farmer is showing him around when the Texan says, “Takes me a whole day to drive from one side of my ranch to the other.”

The Kerry farmer responds, “Ah sure, I know.¬† I used to have a tractor like that too.”

We are looking forward to sharing some of the highlights of the AEA conference next week – and to meeting old and new friends there.

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