The Friday Funny: The Laws of Evaluation Quality (and a great rating tool for meta-eval)

Top marks to John Gargani for cracking us up this week with his hilarious blog post on The Laws of Evaluation Quality.

Looking for a meta-evaluation tool that succinctly summarizes evaluation quality? Try John’s new Likert scale:

John also posted an awesome collection of evaluation quality laws from all over the web. Here are our favorites:

Evaluator’s Order Statistic
Evaluation is always the last item on the meeting agenda unless you are being fired.

Academic’s First Law of Evaluation Quality
Evaluations are done well if and only if they cite my work.

Corollary to Academic’s First Law
My evaluations are always done well.

Corollary to the Converse of Stakeholder’s First Law
Everyone is a methodologist when their dreams are crushed.

Funder’s Paradox
When funders request an evaluation that is rigorous, sophisticated, or scientific, they are less likely to read it yet more likely to believe it—regardless of its actual quality.

Want to see the rest? Check out John Gargani’s blog

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