The Friday Funny: More questionnaire item traps!

This was posted on EVALTALK by Mary Sehl in 2003 …

From a cartoon by Frank and Ernest:

Ernest: “Look, Frank, I filled out the experimental form for the next census.”
Frank: “Okay, but on the first line why did you write ‘fairly relaxed’?”
Ernest: “They asked for my ‘current state’.”
Frank: “And next you wrote ‘quarter past two’.”
Ernest: “For the ‘time at present address’.”
Frank: “How about ‘sitting in a chair’ and ‘red polka dot, 100 percent cotton'”?
Ernest: “They ask ‘present position’ and ‘brief description’.”
Frank: “Ernie, that survey of yours makes no sense at all!”
Ernest: “You’re telling me! Over here they say, ‘Do not write in space.’ And I’m not even an astronaut!”

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