The Friday Funny: Paper Grading Bingo

It’s that time of the year when many of our colleagues in academia are snowed under with papers to grade. Not fun!

To help inject a little humor into this task, how about playing a little Paper Grading Bingo with colleagues? [This is also a great one for TAs (teaching assistants) who have grading as part of their duties.]

This gem has been doing the rounds on Facebook, but we tracked down the original. The author is California writer and science graduate student Meradeth Houston, and she posts this little masterpiece on her blog, A Girl’s Guide to Graduate School.


3 comments to The Friday Funny: Paper Grading Bingo

  • Salaam Dear two ladies

    But I am retired and toss in evaluation work 16 hours per day! in a globe!

    I know you two had a rich year and hope have a affluent coming years.



  • This is fabulously funny! I just wish they would add one more square: Spelled professor’s name wrong. It happens to me on a regular basis! :-)

  • B. Foster

    How about has the wrong professor’s name. My last name is Foster and I just received a paper for Dr. Smith…. There is no Dr. Smith in our department.