The Friday Funny: Passion

In a post earlier this week (9 hot tips for commissioning, managing (and doing!) actionable evaluation), Jane offered this advice for evaluation contractors:

  1. Help the client figure out whether or not you are the right fit by getting really clear about your brand – “who you are” as an evaluation practitioner or organization. What distinguishes you from the rest of the pack? What are your core values? Your “signature skill sets”? Your unique value proposition?

In this week’s Friday Funny, we are sharing a hilarious cautionary reminder from David Mitchell (commentator for The Guardian in the UK) about how those statements about your unique qualities can often turn out to be (1) not nearly as unique as you thought – because everyone is saying them and (2) implausible exaggerations of who you really are.

(If you can’t see it below, you’ll need to click through to the video)

David Mitchell’s soap box: Passion

In this week’s episode, David gets passionate about the subject of, er, passion

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