The Friday Funny: Spurious Correlations

A fascinating puzzle for your evaluative mind this fine Friday …

What is the relationship between civil engineering doctorates and mozzarella cheese consumption?


Ah yes, your mind did jump to a couple of possible causal mechanisms, right? Go on, admit it! Care to share yours? Scroll down to ‘Leave a Reply’ on the Genuine Evaluation site.

This is just one of a wonderful set of hilarious spurious correlations put together by Tyler Vigen. Check out his video snippet about spurious correlations too (if you are on the email feed you’ll need to go to the post on the Genuine Evaluation site).

3 comments to The Friday Funny: Spurious Correlations

  • Great! My favorite correlation occurred in Missouri when I was teaching there. Someone noticed that over the past 10 years as teachers’ salaries increased there was a rise in the amount of teenage violence. We didn’t share that with the school board or community!

  • Louis-Marie Boulos

    Statistical correlation isn’t the only criterium for causality.

  • Love the post and the video–and Marty’s example! Fun way of showing how we still need human scientific thinking to do what computers can’t do.