The Friday Funny: Telling uncomfortable truths

As evaluators we are often faced with the task of having to break news that is … well … not likely to go down well.

One strategy is to code the reality in long roundabout language in the hope that the message might get across (and many of us hail from cultures where it is considered face-saving and generally good practice to be indirect and non-confrontational if possible).

But sometimes we just have to come straight out with it.

Here’s a classic from the British comedy “Yes, Prime Minister” where civil servant Humphrey tries to explain a difficult concept and uncomfortable reality to the Prime Minister.

1 comment to The Friday Funny: Telling uncomfortable truths

  • C. Deborah Laughton

    Very funny…thanks for the laugh. (It sounds a bit like some review recaps I’ve
    written)…. Best, C. Deb