The Friday Funny: The evaluation of art

Michael Scriven has long pointed out the fundamental difference between genuine professional evaluators and connoisseurs (see Evaluation Thesaurus 4th ed., pp. 91, 163, 329). He frequently cites wine tasting and art criticism as examples of the latter.

There’s nothing like a live example to illustrate important points, and this YouTube gem (entitled “Blank Canvas IV – Art Critics) gave us a real chuckle. Enjoy! [Email and RSS subscribers will need to view the video on the Genuine Evaluation site.]

What’s the message here for professional evaluation – which, after all, is sometimes accused of being “all just subjective”?

Genuine evaluation, in our view, requires evaluators to be (a) explicit about how “quality” and “value” are defined and (b) transparent about how those definitions are applied to the selection and interpretation of evidence.

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