The Friday Funny: The very best totally wrong test answers

When can a wrong answer be better than a right one?

As evaluators, we all know the answer to that question in a program/policy/project evaluation space:

When the unintended effects turned out to be even better than the intended effects that weren’t achieved!

Here’s a cute example of the same thing pulled from stats exams.

So very wrong, but with entertainment value that far outstrips the correct answers.

ExpandQ. What happens during a census?
A. A man goes from door to door increasing the population!

Q. What is a random variable?
A. Someone with multiple personalities.

Q. What is a discrete random variable?
Give an example with your answer.
A. It’s a person that hides in the corner at parties, similar to a wall flower, but a bit more unpredictable, particularly after a few drinks.

Q. What is conditional probability?
A. Maybe, maybe not.

Like these? Check it out; there’s a whole book full of them!


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