The Genuine Evaluation Bookshelf

Ever wondered what are the ‘must haves’ for the genuine evaluator’s bookshelf? We don’t have all the answers – and would like your suggestions! – but we do have a few books we have found incredibly valuable. We’re gradually building a list of these on the Genuine Evaluation website in two spots:

  • First, you’ll see a skinny bookshelf (five books high) in the left-hand column of the┬áblog if you scroll down a bit – you can click on the >> button to see more books
  • Second, we’ve embedded a bigger version of the bookshelf on this page, where you can see more at a time, comment on the books, make suggestions of your own, … We’ve categorized this page under Resources => Recommended Books (see the list of Topics in the left-hand column)

A couple of features you should be aware of when viewing these Shelfari bookshelves:

  1. If you hover over the book cover you’ll see book reviews from Patricia and/or Jane – what the book’s about and why we found it valuable
  2. The bookshelf updates automatically as we add more interesting books, so check back often and see what’s new!
Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Any comments on the above books or suggestions for others we should consider? Please tell us by adding a comment below, or use the Contact Us page to comment off-line.

2 comments to The Genuine Evaluation Bookshelf

  • Can I make a suggestion? These two are classics, even if a bit outdated.

    Scriven, M. (1993). Hard-won lessons in program evaluation. New Directions in Program Evaluation, 58. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

    Shadish, W. R., Cook, T. D., & Leviton, L. C. (1991). Foundations of program evaluation: Theories of practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

  • Jane Davidson

    Thanks, Chris! They were on our ‘to add’ list!!

    P.S., If anyone knows how to make the javascript version of a Shelfari shelf show up properly within a post (not just as a widget) on a self-hosted WordPress blog, please send me a note via the Contact Us page! :)