Video seminar – Turning Evidence into Action: Thinking differently on how we think

ARACY (the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth) is presenting an interesting workshop by videoconference on Tuesday 1 June 2010 accessible at Access Grid locations across Australia (Melbourne is booked out, unfortunately).

See their website for sign up details and some reading.

This one-and-a-half hour workshop will examine the type of creative thinking required to generate ideas, develop concepts, make great decisions and then put them into practice in the context of today’s highly pressured modern world.

The workshop, which will be conducted by Lisa Smith of Minds At Work, will include techniques and practical exercises applied to the real life challenges that researchers, policy makers and practitioners encounter in “turning evidence into action”.

Lisa is a principal of Minds At Work and responsible for the company’s “Innovation and Problem Solving Program”.

Creativity isn’t something you pay for… it’s something you’re born with. Of course, after a few years in the system, most of us learn to put our imaginations to one side and get on with playing the game”.

“Most people are born with the ability to dream up new ideas and schemes to meet any need, fix any problem and change any paradigm, together with the ability to turn those musings into something real, to implement them, to deliver.  As pressures build up over our lifetimes, often people let one or the other go ,  they become an individual who has many great dreams but accomplishes few of them or a person who spends less and less time pondering how ‘a thing’ could be so much more and become delivery or “do” focused”.

This workshop is designed to “help throw off ritual and habitual thinking, excise everyday ruts, and tap back into the creative fires of a more youthful and productive age“.

I’d be very keen to hear from anyone who attends or who has seen this approach in action.

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