The Friday Funny: When NOT to source recommendations from community opinion

Many of us are recently back from the American Evaluation Association conference in Minneapolis, which makes this week’s Friday Funny timely, particularly if you did any driving in the country while visiting the fine state of Minnesota.

Just a month before all 2,800 evaluators rolled into town, a radio station in neighboring North Dakota fielded this call from a listener complaining about the placement of deer crossing signs on roads in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Now, one thing that many savvy evaluators know is that oftentimes it is the people on the ground who have some of the best ideas for what will really make things work in practice. So, naturally, suggestions from people in the community can be a rich source of ideas for improvement and redesign that we can feed back to the decision makers.

But not always …

The caller in this case has some quite specific recommendations for the Departments of Transportation in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Would you drop them into your evaluation report? *chuckle*

And, could you possibly be as diplomatic as the radio hosts are?

Yes, it’s a true story!

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